The Ballad of Lucky B’Stard ~ It takes 75 years to digest a friend

A site-specific film brimming with colour, madness filmed on location at Bestival on the Isle of Wight

Written by
Cathianne Hall
Produced and Directed by
Tom LLoyd
The World of CaravanSerai
Pete Bateman
The Ringmaster
Joe Fleming
Miss Frisson
Lady Layton
Mr Berlin
Tim Fleming
Fifi Fitzpleasure
Alison Bennett
Stooge 1
Tom Kat Wilson
Stooge 2
Adrian Lochhead
Stooge 3
Nic Cassen
Circus Artisite
Brana Corbett
Voice Over
Alfonso Flemingo
CGi, Data and projection mapping
Jason Threlfall
Clapperboard and runner
Ed Jennings
Ptojection mapping
Matt "Coops" Cooper
Make-up designer
Naomi Spurr
Henna Tattoos
Maisie Stocks
Behind the scenes photos

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About the project

TROUPE in The Ballad of Lucky B’Stard

Troupe in The Ballad Of Lucky B’Stard.
It takes 75 years to digest a friend

Since the demise of Troupe’s Lucky B’Stard, their confidence trickster 75 years ago, the timeless band of roaming Carnival characters have had a hole in their heart – but it’s time to recruit a new member for a life of Carnival chaos.

They’re looking to feed the hungry hole in their heart – will it be with you?

Fifi Fitzpleasure : Ssshhh… She can undo a gentleman’s flies at 100 paces with her magnetic eyes…

Miss Frisson : Smokin’ if you dare to give her a light…

Mr Berlin : The Carnivale Jekyll and Hyde – one side will greet you, one side will eat you…

The Ringmaster : No sleep til Bedlam!


A Dreamtime Film project

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