A Magic-realist parable of gambling, greed, hope, despair and tawdry vaudevillian charm as Blackpool bids to host the UKs first Supercasino.

Written by
Noeline Kavanagh
Tom Lloyd
Funded by
UK Film Council/North West Vision

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About the project

A 10 minute drama in the style of a magic realist short story. Poignant and funny; a snapshot of a moment in time that heralds significant change.

The film follows the course of events of a single day in Blackpool in December 2006 on which one of 8 shortlisted British towns is given the right to build the first super casino. Mixing documentary footage with fictional characters and weaving scenes into a tense build up to the decision, Supercasino follows the story of a small boy, Les, who moves through different scenes resonant of Blackpool on this auspicious day, and who becomes linked to the fate of the town through his interaction with the characters real and imagined.

The style of the film responds both to the real ‘life or death’ nature of the contest for the town and Blackpool’s own unique mixture of the ordinary, the surreal, the glitz and the gloom. Vaudeville meets contemporary reality and at times we are not sure which is which, juxtaposing afternoon ballroom dancers with casino developers and a plump Botticelli Venus waiting for her big moment to escape the shell and horse drawn taxis poised for action.

Awards & Screenings

Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner
Keswick Film Festival Short Film Competition


A Dreamtime Film project

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