How people, as well as sheep, feel a sense of belonging to their landscape.

Produced and Directed by
Tom LLoyd
Music by
Mark Melville
Comissioned by
Eden Arts

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About the project

HEFTED was commissioned by Eden Arts as a companion piece to their FLOCK project.

Have you ever wondered how the flocks of sheep on the fells are separated from one another by the farmers without using walls and fences? A HEFTED flock is one that stays in the same place. The HEFTED sheep simply don’t wander far from where they were born, it is as if they belong to that piece of land.

We were inspired by this notion and it made us think about how people are HEFTED too. This film explores that theme.

Awards & Screenings

Rheghed IMAX, Penrith
Farfield Mill, Sedbergh
London 2012 Festival
Hansel of Film, Berwick-Upon-Tweed
London 2012 Festival
Hansel of Film, Kendal
Shetland Film Festival
Shetland Film Festival


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