A young boy called Ferret sets out on a quest to find out where all the water has gone from the mountain of Ingleborough

Produced and Directed by
Tom LLoyd and Hannah Fox
Commissioned by
Pioneer Projects and 509 Arts

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About the project

Every year, the Year 4’s at Ingleton Primary School undertake a rite of passage: they make the ascent of Ingleborough. The 723 metre mountain is part of their everyday view, punctuating the horizon from the school field.

My Last Car gave the children the opportunity to work with film maker, Tom Lloyd, and artist, Hannah Fox to make a piece of work inspired by their journey. In school, the children drew My Last Car themes into their Conquest Myth work as part of the literacy curriculum. They were interested in getting out of your car and walking.

They considered the idea of their journey and about conquering something. They created a map and wrote stories containing extraordinary mythical characters.

The children made the ascent on 9th May 2012 accompanied by Tom, teachers, parents and Martin Barry, their guide. On route they found tallow in the heart of reed stems, a frog, limestone fossils and a fly which accompanied one of the children, sitting on his hand for over an hour.

Elements of their imaginative stories and their mountain experience were combined to create FERRET & THE RAVEN, an illuminated magic lantern show using tissue paper and coloured gels.

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My Last Car


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