Two couples ~ Worlds apart

In a strange world, two young lovers dare challenge the forbidden, the unthinkable, the impossible.

Here and now, the couple grapple with their 160 year old marriage and the Exo-Bodies which were meant to make everything okay.

Produced and Directed by
Tom LLoyd
Written by
Sasha C. Damjanovski
Jack Shalloo
Kezia Burrows
Paul Coster
Francesca De Luca
Mitesh Soni
Ben Baily
Sound design
Dan Fox
Matt Olden
Production manager
Jennifer Sheridan
Graphics and credits
Phil Powell
Motion graphics
Jason Threlfall
Set and props
Hannah Fox
Set and props
Henry Grundry-White
Robert Suchocki
Focus puller
Ryan Parkins
Sound assistant
Simon Hanson
Production stills
Caroline Molloy
2nd van
Nick Bryan-Kinns
Production assistant
Simon Lock
Production assistant
Lesley Peate

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About the project

With a truly awesome cast and crew we created The Dial for the Sci-Fi-London 48 hour challenge 2012.

At 11:30am on Saturday we were given a title, a list of props and some dialogue that had to feature in the film.

Title: The Dial
Prop: Print: We see a character thumb through a copy of Total Film, SFX or The Guardian – pause on a page and either tear it out or write over it with big marker pen.
Dialogue: It is a force our a power? They call it something…
Optional theme: A virus that kills language

By 1:00pm the following Monday we had delivered a finished film.

Awards & Screenings

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